Bonk Business Inc. is a fictional industrial corporation, realized as a multidisciplinary art project between 1988 and 2000. The project includes machine sculptures, photographs, graphic design and a written concept. Bonk has been widely exhibited in major art museums and festivals internationally. Based on an idea I had in 1988, while still at the Art Academy, the concept was developed in collaboration with Richard Stanley, who wrote the history, the captions and most of the copy. The machines were co-designed  with Henrik Helpiö, who carried out their realization, with the exception of the early ones which I built myself. The photographers involved are  Magnus Weckström, Magnus Scharmanoff and Olli Lehtinen. Graphic design by your humble servant.

"Bonk Business Inc. is a multiglobal industrial giant pioneering Third Millennium technologies such as LBH (Localized Black Holes), ADS (Advanced Disinformation Systems), Cosmic Therapy and Defunctionalized Machinery. The roots of the company lie over a century ago in Finland, with the discovery of Anchovy Oil - which greased the frozen wheels of Nordic industry in the 19th century."